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Rent a Goat

Bring Goat Shine to You


Rent a Goat

Did you know you can Rent Goats? You sure can! Be sure to jump on the chance to have the magic of live goats at your event with Rent a Goat!

Your rental comes with at least one farmer (Goat Handler!) but just like goats we like to travel in pairs. Our Rentable Goats are picked from the best of the best Goat stock. These Goats are specifically chosen for the gentle behavior, outgoing personalitiy and their ability to remain calm, even in crowds. A live Goat from Goat Shine can make your event unique and special for everyone. Our Goats are the Stars of our Farm and we love to share them with you.

We can work with you to make sure you get exactly the experience you’re looking for. Call Goat Shine today at 320-815-7308 or email us to get on the schedule.


Rent a Goat For:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Snuggle Session

  • Special Private Events

  • Photos

  • Goat Therapy

  • Emotional Well-Being Sessions/Stress Relief

Goat Shine Animal Therapy

Special Events

Over the years our business has evolved and we've added on goat yoga, goat therapy, snuggle sessions, private events, etc.  The baby goats were even in a wedding! 

We have been sharing our little goats with others for the last 4 years, whether it be a snuggle session, goat therapy or just some good ol’ goat yoga - we guarantee it’ll leave you smiling.


Animal Therapy

Now that our kiddos are older and leaving home we've decided to focus more of our energy on the goat therapy, snuggle sessions and goat yoga. This is our favorite part of the business.  After interacting with the goats people leave happier and a little lighter.  We need that especially now days. Seeing the joy the goats bring people makes what we do worth it. 


We hope that people can come spend time with the goats wherever that may be, leave their worries outside of the fence, forget about the rest of the world and just be present in the moment being loved by our adorable goats. 

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